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Sleep & Weight Loss

Are you “using it to lose it”? Getting your metabolism, appetite hormones, and energy levels balanced can be difficult, but we’re here to help. Treating your sleep disorder with CPAP therapy can lead to increased metabolism, balanced appetite-hormones, more energy to exercise, and weight loss success! If you’ve put that CPAP machine in the closet, have an outdated prescription, or just have an old mask, you aren’t getting the most out of your therapy.

At CPAP2Go we can help you dust off your machine, get back on therapy or replace your old CPAP mask for more effective therapy, ensuring you can “use it to lose it” too. We’ll help you regain:

  • Better Metabolism - Metabolism, blood pressure, insulin resistance and other physical “insults” to your body are the direct result of untreated sleep apnea.
  • Managed Hunger - Research shows that sleep deprivation confuses our appetite-regulating hormones. It decreases leptin, the hormone that tells the brain, ‘You’re full now, you can stop eating,’ by up to 15%. And increases ghrelin, the hormone that signals, ‘You’re hungry, you need to eat,’ by up to15%.”
  • Motivation and Energy to Exercise - It’s a vicious cycle. You sleep poorly, are less motivated to exercise and so you gain weight. In almost all cases obesity causes sleep apnea - but even moderate weight loss can make it easier to treat and less threatening to your health.

If you have questions about CPAP therapy, healthy sleep and weight loss, visit a store in Waukesha, Franklin or Brown Deer today! We are here to help you discover a healthy life, healthy weight and healthy sleep!

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