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Rest Assured Program

Never worry about having to make time in your busy life just to follow your CPAP supply replacement schedule (PDF). With our Rest Assured Program, you can have your CPAP supplies automatically shipped to your door on a schedule allowed by your insurance provider. No appointments, no wasted time, and no hassles.

We will bill your insurance provider directly. CPAP 2 Go or The Sleep Wellness Institute will send a bill to you for any shipping charge, deductible, or coinsurance which may not be covered. 

Does My Insurance Cover Rest Assured?

Most insurance providers allow regular replacement of supplies on a 1-month and 6-month basis. We will verify your insurance coverage and ship supplies to you according to the schedule that is specified by your insurance provider.  

6-Month Rest Assured

The following items are shipped to your house every 6 months:

  • Mask with headgear
  • Water chamber
  • Additional cushions
  • Tubing
  • Filters

1-Month Rest Assured

The following items are shipped to your house every month on the 1st of the month:

  • Mask Cushions/Pillows
  • Disposable Filters

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