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Care, Comfort and Convenience - The Perfect Fit!

Our goal at CPAP 2 GO is to ensure our patients receive “A Better Life through Better Sleep” by delivering optimum CPAP therapy at the lowest cost. We achieve this through our unique “coaching” approach and our commitment to patient care, comfort and convenience. We have an extensive inventory of CPAP products for you to choose from and a knowledgable staff to assist you along the way.


In each location, you’ll find our friendly CPAP 2 Go staff members. We think of ourselves as your CPAP coach and are responsible for delivering all of the great qualities you would expect in a winning coach – expertise, encouragement, and ongoing education. At CPAP 2 Go your CPAP coach offers:

  • Education on new technologies and products
  • Consultation on the perfect mask fit for optimal comfort and compliance
  • Information on new insurance requirements and the specifics of your plan
  • Help getting necessary documents and clinical care
  • Options for acquiring CPAP therapy at the lowest cost without sacrificing quality


Adjusting to CPAP therapy can be difficult and, at times, frustrating. That’s why our model is to coach you to comfort and compliance! In the beginning, you will have frequent contact with your CPAP coach who will:

  • Provide instructions on machine, mask, therapy compliance, and ongoing therapy guidelines.
  • Call you on day two, week two and month one to confirm comfort, answer questions, and gather data needed for your insurance company
  • Be available for ongoing consultation and encouragement through the life of your therapy

Our commitment to comfortable therapy includes:

  • A choice of 30 masks and a 30 day mask guarantee
  • CPAP machines with comfort features such as auto titration and heated tubing, as well as modems to determine compliance and facilitate online coaching
  • CPAP accessories such as specially designed CPAP pillows to assist with sleeping comfort


At CPAP 2 Go we define convenience by accessibility and by providing full service to ensure we help you break down the barriers to quality CPAP therapy. Our accessible, full-service experience provides:

  • Complete retail showrooms, open six days a week
  • On site downloading of machines for compliance reports to insurance
  • An automatic shipment program for resupply orders
  • Competitive cash pricing and financing options
  • Rentals of batteries for camping or other unique situations
  • Insurance and benefit checks - helping you navigate complex changing requirements
  • Prescription and therapy updates to your provider and insurance
  • Ongoing CPAP coaching, education and support group events

The national average compliance rates for CPAP is approximately 50%. We have a track record of over 80% compliance using our new CPAP coaching model
and comfort technologies.

CPAP 2 Go is owned and operated by Wisconsin’s largest accredited independent sleep disorders center for the treatment of sleep apnea – The Sleep Wellness Institute and is the only retail store of its kind in Wisconsin. With our support groups and extensive follow-up program, our service never ends at the time of a sale. We’re happy to take your questions by phone call or see you in person without an appointment if your equipment needs further adjustment. Our connection to The Sleep Wellness Institute also ensures you access to leading sleep physicians and providers if necessary. 

Our 30/30 Advantage

Respironics, Fisher-Paykel and ResMed. If at any time during the first 30 nights you decide you aren’t satisfied with your mask, simply return it and we will fit you for a different one. All of our masks are available on display in our stores, or you can browse our selection in our online product gallery.

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