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CPAP Tips & Tricks

Tips to Succeed on CPAP

  1. When you first receive your CPAP system, try wearing the mask before bedtime to get used to breathing against the flow of air. For example, use your CPAP while you are watching TV or reading, so that you don’t have the added stress of having to fall asleep.
  2. Give yourself time to get used to therapy. Some people struggle for the first few nights, and might even feel like they are more tired with CPAP than they were without it. Instead of giving up, acknowledge the effort that you made and commit to having a better night the next evening.
  3. Use your therapy whenever you sleep, day or night. The more you use therapy, the more successful you will be in managing your sleep apnea.
  4. Congratulate yourself on nights when you sleep 15 or 30 minutes longer with your CPAP system. And don’t forget, our CPAP Technicians are available to help you through these first critical weeks!
  5. Always inform all of your physicians that you have sleep apnea and how that disorder is being treated.
  6. Tell a spouse or responsible person the details of your diagnosis and treatment so they can inform the physician in an emergency situation.
  7. Adjust your humidifier level seasonally. Raise your humidifier levels during the winter months when air is drier, and lower your humidifier levels in summer months when air is warmer and more moist.

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